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Apr 1, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Dr. Gregg Henriques about the definition of Truth in today’s world.  Dr. Henriques, the author of A New Unified Theory of Psychology, directs the Combined Clinical and School Psychology Doctoral Program at James Madison University.  Dr. Henriques is a licensed clinical psychologist and has developed a new meta-theoretical system for psychology which has been leveraged in many professional journals and serves as a foundation to address current theoretical and philosophical difficulties within the domain of psychology.

Dr. Henriques’ work and contact information can be found at

The Unlatched Mind Podcast is a long-form discussion on topics including neuroscience, morality, behavioral science, religion, and artificial intelligence.  Host Vinny Vallarine introduces listeners to guests and experts on these, and other topics of interest.  You can find all episodes at

The intro and outro music for this episode was recorded with live drums over a drum-less track from  If you’re a drummer, I highly recommend checking out Sean’s drum-less tracks!